There’s been a lot of hype on social media lately about the new COVID-19 vaccine that is being distributed globally. Conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers, and anyone that is anti the whole “system” in general, appear to be saying all kinds of things about the vaccine. The most notable of these happens to be micro-chipping, and how Bill Gates wants to track everybody by inserting a microchip directly into your body. While the notion of how governments want to control us may hold water in some instances, it’s unlikely they’d be using microchips to control and track us. To be fair, there are so many ways that the government can track you already, and chances are you have already given your consent to it, somewhere along the line.

Bill Gates mentioned in a press report that he found the idea quite ridiculous, saying that it’s so stupid that even just mentioning the fact is what gives it credibility. If you consider how the world’s smallest microchip was only created in 2018 by IBM, the actual size of which is only 1mm by 1mm in size. As small as that may be, you’d need a needle with a diameter bigger than that to get into you. Many of the needles used for vaccinating have a gauge size of 22 to 25, meaning the internal diameter of the needle is 0.125mm which is far too small, even for the world’s smallest microchip. So unless they stick a massive needle the size of a needle from an Intra-Venous drip , you have nothing to worry about when it comes to micro-chipping.

The exact list of ingredients, as per the Pfizer fact sheet includes mRNA containing the genetic part of the vaccine that tells your body what to fight. It also contains lipids, natural fats that occur in all living things. Then there a couple of organic chemicals that have some complex names, but you can be assured that they are all organic in nature. There are also several salts, which are usually meant to act as a buffer for the solution. Whilst most people would need a chemistry degree to figure out what 90% of that list means. Most people would probably only know Sodium Chloride and sucrose because those are names we hear every day, but rest assured, all of those chemical names are organic in nature.

So before you run around pointing fingers at Bill Gates for wanting to track everyone, perhaps you should consider the fact that you are already carrying a traceable device if you happen to own a cellphone. A device that happens to register the cellphone number, IMEI number and last logged on location when you turn your phone on and it connects to the network.