Gaining followers on Facebook is often the primary goal of any Facebook account, whether you have created a personal profile or a business one. It might have taken a while for people to catch on to the power of social media, but these days it is fair to say that almost everyone is on some form of social media. There are so many different platforms out there, and many of them are based on the same concept of being a user-driven product. The only real difference between all of them is the type of content being added and how it gets delivered to you. All the social media platforms have gone mobile due to consumer-driven behavior and the fact that Google has opted for a mobile-first policy when it comes to serving content on the web.


Facebook is no different in terms of content delivery, and it’s entirely up to you as the user, to provide the content that other people are looking for. So when you decide to set up an actual page for your website on Facebook, you are going to need to stick to a few important guidelines, if you want to build a solid audience that is there to help you create brand awareness for your business. That being said, here are a couple of important provisos for you to consider if you want to grow your Facebook following quickly and effectively.


Share your Page – All business pages need to be created under a personal account of some kind, even if it’s a personal account for the business, that is specifically linked to the business page on Facebook. That means you have a separate profile to share the page, the more people that are linked to the page, the more exposure you are going to get whenever you post something new. Sharing a page on your own personal profile will allow the page to be seen by anyone linked to your profile, so that’s exactly what you need to keep in mind. You can send out invites to people you know, to get the process started, and once you have your first batch of likes, you can start to generate new organic likes from there. Sharing outside of Facebook is also an important one for you to remember. It is not just on the social media platforms that people are looking and when they happen to see your business in the real world, you can bet your cotton socks that they will be wondering if you have a Facebook profile for them to look at.


Generate Sufficient Content – It is not enough to simply have a web presence these days. You have to be able to engage people and get them to talk about your business if you want to catch the attention of search engines like Google. Even if you are using a purely social strategy to obtain new leads, you still need to create content that is going to be worthwhile sharing. You need to be able to provide information that other people would read and think, “Hey, this is actually quite a useful piece of info, let me share it with a friend of mine.” and so it goes with social media. This is essentially how you generate interest in your business. In addition to creating useful info, you also need to create it regularly if you want to stand out. Many social media managers end up neglecting their subscribers because they are not pushing out enough content.


Linking to Other Pages of Interest – Interacting on other pages is a great way to get exposure for your business. Not only will you be creating instances of posts from your business, but you will be generating indirect interest in your own page, simply by appearing on pages and in posts that are relevant to your business. To give you an example of how that could work, take a look at an Internet Service Provider that wants to start out by marketing to people in outlying areas. The ISP could join community groups in outlying areas, and post comments or share posts related to remote internet access. By offering a friendly word of advice or dropping in some useful info on those groups could provide a meaningful sales channel for you to work from.


Pay for Advertising – All of the previous methods discussed have been focused on an organic approach. Meaning the actions taken are there to generate traffic in a natural sense by creating a form of word of mouth. Up until this point, everything you do is still free, it just requires the time to focus on creating the content and then publishing it to your Facebook page. The best part about advertising on Facebook is the fact that you can target very specific groups of people. Facebook collects just about everything when it comes to data, and all for the sake of delivering targeted adverts to specific people. You might have noticed adverts popping up in your feed, not long after searching for something similar in Google. That’s part of their remarketing service, and it uses the cookies that are stored in your browser to provide you with content that you might be interested in.


Establish Yourself as an Authority – Brand authorities are companies that have established themselves as the go-to people whenever information is required about a specific product or service. If you can focus on creating content that helps you become labeled as the authority in the matter, then that will add heaps of credibility to your business and people will start to see you as the reliable source or provider for a given product or service. When you can’t be the authority in your particular field, then you need to partner up with some of the people who are influencers, that way they can add credibility to your business indirectly. This works wonders for generating traffic to your website, and even better if you are looking for people to start following your business as well as the influencer. After all, if the influencer has a say in how good your product is, then all their followers will follow suit.


As you can see, you just need a game plan when it comes to getting your followers off the ground. It may start off slow, but as you stick with it, you will gradually start to see your followers grow. Keep trying different things to see what works, and once you have found your groove, there is no telling how big your following will grow.