Whether you’re an Android or iPhone user, chances are you’ve spent some time listening to music at some point. So much so that many phone manufacturers include them as standard apps when you buy the phone. The growing audience of cellphone users, particularly in Zambia, has led to more artists being able to get exposure for their music. Even the Betway App is another example of how apps are changing the way people make use of their phones.


If it’s music you are looking for, then you can start by looking at what you already have installed on your phone. Chances are, you will find something along the lines of Spotify, Deezer, or Soundcloud on your phone. If you are not sure where to start, then look no further. These music apps will get you well on your way to bopping your head wherever you go.


Deezer – Even though this was one of the earlier music apps, it still had access to over 50 million songs. It was simple to use and able to make recommendations based on your listening history. It’s a free app, to begin with, but you’ll need to pay for more advanced features. These days, it’s not as popular as the other music apps that have come out more recently.


Spotify – This is one of the big ones of late. Spotify has grown quite popular over the last few years, mainly due to a built-in algorithm that makes suggestions based on your listening history. It also takes into account the artists that have been listened to by other people. Spotify even puts weekly playlists together that will consist of your favorite songs, as well as help you discover new music.


Apple Music – If you’re an iPhone user, then you’ve probably known about iTunes ever since you became an Apple user. iTunes links up with Apple Music to give you a world of music at your fingertips, including all the music you already have. If you haven’t listened to one of your favorite songs in a while, it will cue the track for you to listen again.


Tidal – This app also boasts over 50 million songs on it, and you can stream your favorite tracks whenever you want. It even has music videos if you’d like to see your most-loved artist performing while you listen. This one doesn’t have a free version, but it does work a lot like Spotify when it comes to the search algorithm.


YouTube Music – This app is due to replace Google Play Music. Google has slowly been phasing it in by integrating it with YouTube, so you’ll start to see it more and more. All of the songs are linked with music videos so you can enjoy watching your favorite artists instead of just listening to them.


We have only named a few of the apps available in the various app stores for both Android and iPhone users in this article. Most of them have free versions that allow you to listen as long as you are willing to put up with the advertisements that play every so often. Even the Betway App is free for that reason, but at least you have access to all the features. You could always become a paid subscriber to their services, and then you get rid of all the ads. You can expect to pay around $10 a month for all of these services, but once you have subscribed, nothing can stop you from hearing whatever music you want, 24-7.