Gin is a clear liquor that was originally distilled by monks for medicinal purposes, back in the 17th century. For over 300 years, Juniper berries have been harvested and distilled to create a distinctly dry and clear beverage that can be drunk neat if it’s smooth enough. However, gin is often best enjoyed on ice with some Indian tonic water. Today, gin has gone far beyond the regular Juniper Berry recipe that was originally used as a nerve tonic. Not only are people creating their own crafted blends with different flavored gin, but there are also handcrafted tonics that are made to compliment the specific flavored gin that you are drinking.  You might be surprised to know this, but gin consumption has exploded across the globe, and these days you have a ton of different gins to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular gin brands available on the market to date.


GIN MARE – Distilled in an old 13th-century chapel located between Costa Brava and Costa Dorada in Spain. This might not be the most well-known of the commercial gins available however it does have a distinctly Mediterranean flair to it. Distilled with the usual juniper berry, and combined with camphor, clove, vanilla, and pepper, it offers you a unique flavor that lasts. What makes Gin Mare different from other gins, is the use of rosemary and Spanish olives to add to the body of flavor. This particular gin goes well with a plain tonic to allow the full flavor to roll over your pallet. This particular gin definitely holds true to Meditteranean style in that every sip has the refreshing taste of zest for life.


HENDRICKS – Hendrik’s Gin comes from a Scottish distillery that offers four different varieties of hand-crafted gin. Their stock standard version is infused with rose and cucumber. Compared to other gins, the rose and cucumber actually make it a killer combo, that allows their standard variety gin to stand out from all the others. The Hendrik’s Lunar is florally aromatic and hand-crafted by their very own Ms.Leslie Gracie. Midsummer Solstice is a rendition of the time of year it was created and once again offers a fruity and floral bouquet of flavors that have been carefully crafted to bring a top-notch gin that is as smooth as it smells.


LARIOS 12 – Beam Suntory is responsible for creating Larios 12. A contemporary European gin of Spanish origin. This gin gets its name from the 12 botanicals that have been used in this tasty blend to bring you a strong orange blossom flavor with coriander overtones. To describe the full palette, you would have to imagine citrus flavors that are a blend of tangelo, orange, and mineola. All while offering a hint of Pfeffernüsse cookies, the famous gingerbread cookies that come all the way from Germany. Larios 12 is definitely a top contender when it comes to world-class gins that offer a genuine and unique flavor.


SEAGRAMS – Seagrams offers a wide variety of flavored gins. Their original dry gin was created back in 1939 and has since created lime, peach, watermelon, apple, grape, red berry, and pineapple flavored gins. All of which may come across as sweet at first, but as you stretch the palette with a decent tonic, you can get to experience the full flavor of this truly delicious gin. The Seagram’s Distiller’s Reserve comes from a special batch that has been created for gin connoisseurs around the world. This one should definitely be kept for special occasions or whenever you feel the need to treat yourself. This particular reserve is smooth enough to be enjoyed over ice in your favorite tumbler.


TANQUERAY – created by Charles Tanqueray in the 1830s using the regular juniper berry with his own take on distilling the clear blend. It has a strong botanical taste with its own secret blend of herbs that bring the unique flavor that we’ve all grown to love about Tanqueray gin. Most people are familiar with standard green bottles, but you should also keep an eye out for the Sevilla Orange and Tanqueray Rangpur for some alternatives, and the Tanqueray No.10 is a select reserve gin that offers an unsurpassed smoothness from a gin. Tanqueray’s inspiring taste has made it the number one selling gin across the UK and the rest of the world.


BOMBAY SAPPHIRE – Ivano Tonutti is the Italian brainchild behind the creation of Bombay Sapphire. It may not be as old as some of the other gins available on the market to date, but less than 100 years of distilling this great tasting gin have led to them being one of the best-distilled gins across the globe. There are very few places in the world that don’t know about Bombay Sapphire. You can try their trusty Sapphire edition for a world-class gin, or you can try the Star of Bombay, or the Bombay Bramble if you prefer something with more of a fruity flavor.


GORDON’S – Gordon’s London Dry gin was originally distilled around 250 years ago and has continued to produce top-quality gins. Gordon’s is responsible for the distinct Juniper taste that has defined the taste of gin. It is an uncrafted gin that is as plain as it gets, so there is no variance in flavor, but it works particularly well with a good tonic. Gordon’s have released 3 export quality gins, including a premium pink gin and their Sicilian lemon. They have also created their own tonics to go with their gins. Gordon’s might be the go-to gin for many people, but that is because the reliable taste is always consistent and leaves you feeling refreshed after every sip.


BEEFEATER – The distillery foundations were laid in 1820 and by 1863 the first distillery was completed and Beefeater was born not long after that. It was originally founded by James Burrough in 1908, who was actually a chemist by profession. Today you can enjoy the standard gin made by Beefeater, as well as their Blood Orange, Pink Strawberry, and London Garden gins. If you are fortunate enough to find Burrough’s Reserve, which is rested in oak barrels, to allow the flavors to develop over time. This one is a truly rare gin and one to be enjoyed for special occasions.


THE BOTANIST – Distilled on the remote Scottish island of Islay, where some of the world’s best whiskies are made; The Botanist is a hand-crafted and slowly distilled gin that has combined the unique flavors of the juniper, barks, peels, and even seeds that are collected by hand, from all over the island. With a hint of delicate apple-mint, aniseed undertones, combined with lemon and orange peels to bring the flavor, full circle. A total of 22 botanicals have been included in this multi-layered blend of infused gin, which is just as unique as the Islay whiskies that are made there.


COLOMBO NO 7 – Distilled in traditional copper stills, using a 70-year old recipe created to compete with some of London’s finest gins. Colombo No. 7 is a Sri Lankan dry gin that equally matches any London dry gin you’ve ever had. The name comes from the town where cinnamon is grown and harvested along with the other 7 botanicals. The recipe includes cinnamon bark, curry leaves, ginger root, and coriander. These flavors are expertly blended with the usual juniper berries and Angelica to create a fantastic tasting London dry gin that is smooth and enjoyable to drink.


These gins just happen to be the most popular ones available worldwide and have stood the test of time by being distilled for many years. Over the last few years, gin has become a popular drink because of the hand-crafted flavors you can create while being distilled. Combined with simple infusions and balanced out with the perfect tonic water, you can sit back and enjoy a refreshing drink, no matter what the occasion is.